Altrad NSG supports Balkan aid visit

Posted 22 October 2013

Altrad NSG has helped to provide vital medical supplies and aid to a deprived Balkan town

The leading scaffolding and industrial access provider supported an aid visit made by Nigel Bouckley of its Runcorn site.

Nigel travelled to the village of Gjakova, in Kosova, with his wife and three daughters - aged 19, 17 and 13 - in August, with an aid and development charity called Smile International.

As part of the trip British Airways allowed Nigel and his family to take 10 extra bags full of first aid and medical supplies, clothes and children's toys.

However, Nigel had no way of transporting the extra luggage to Gatwick Airport, which is where Altrad NSG stepped in to help.

Nigel said: "I have known Dennis Hickey, who is the Altrad NSG site manager, for several years. When I told him what my family was doing he was eager to help as much as possible. Dennis spoke with the directors who were also very supportive; they decided to not only donate some medical supplies, but also provide us with the luggage to hold everything.

"Then the icing on the cake was to provide a van free of charge for Dennis to transport everything to the airport for us. To be honest without their help I don't know how we would have got these important supplies over to Kosova."

Nigel and his family spent a week in Gjakova, a town which was heavily impacted by the devastating Balkan conflict of the late 1990s.

Nigel said: "There are many widows and children who need help with basic DIY, maintenance and repairs for their homes and community buildings before the harsh winter sets in. While we all mucked in with various jobs, my daughters also helped to run holiday clubs for around 230 children and distributed toys and clothes to local families. Their delight at receiving these gifts was easily seen on their faces.

"The local doctor and nurse were also extremely grateful as they still struggle to get even the most basic medical supplies. So to everyone who donated items and to Altrad NSG for their support, my family and I want to say a huge thank you."

Mike Carr, Altrad NSG Managing Director, said: "When we heard about Nigel's visit we were delighted to be able to support him. He and his family deserve a lot of praise for doing something important and helping others in need. At Altrad NSG we take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and are always looking at ways to support a range of charities and individual fundraisers."