Time-lapse video showcases speed of Altrad’s Contur scaffolding

Posted 31 January 2014

Altrad NSG has created a time-lapse video showcasing the speed and versatility of its Contur Multi-Directional Modular System Scaffolding.

The video - available to watch on YouTube - demonstrates just how fast the Contur system is against standard scaffolding, with a 10m long and 4m high structure erected in half the time of its nearest competitor and more than three times faster than the slowest.

Contur scaffolding - manufactured by the Altrad Group - significantly reduces labour time, saving clients both time and money.

Altrad NSG has invested millions of pounds to replace its old system scaffolding stock with Contur, which is now used as the system of choice for its construction and maintenance projects across the UK.

Altrad NSG Contracts Manager Tony Doyle said: "Contur is perfectly adaptable for all kinds of structures - including circular and cantilever scaffolds - reducing the number of components required to achieve a solid and safe structure.

"This modern generation of scaffolding is proving hugely beneficial to our clients who are already enjoying the advantages it provides. As demonstrated in the video, the time saved is vast and on larger projects could amount to hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours.

"We worked with our sister company Generation UK to create the video, as a way of quickly showing to both existing and potential new clients just how good Contur is. Altrad NSG is using Contur extensively on a range of short and long-term scaffolding and access projects, including new builds and refurbishments, as well as on our industrial and petrochemical sites such as Ineos Chlor and ELANCO."

Contur System Scaffolding is fully NASC audited and accredited, its uniquely designed socket plates with eight connections per joint meaning unrivalled accuracy with maximum strength. Clear access is maintained through the absence of diagonal braces

Its light weight also gives Contur considerable storage benefits, with a higher rolling resistance leading to more secure storage.

To watch the time-lapse video visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB654smbGaw