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"This company's origins come from working in places like nuclear and petrochemical sites. Safety is our top priority, and we have brought that ethos into all our other sectors. I like to ensure we invest a lot of time and money in systems and training. It is a fundamental principle for me."

Micheal Carr - Managing Director

Industrial Cleaning & Water Jetting


Why Choose Altrad NSG?

  • Industry Experts Since 1971
  • Unrivalled Quality Control & Customer Service
  • Outstanding Health & Safety Track Records
  • Highly Motivated, Trained & Determined Staff
  • Advanced Scaffolding Systems
  • The Ability to Adapt to EVERY Client Need

The company is able to provide a safe and environmentally considered cleaning and decontamination service, including the provision of High and Ultra High Water Jetting Services.

At Altrad NSG Limited we are proficient in providing effective and environmentally friendly ultra-high pressure water jetting solutions to all working environments; from building exteriors, pipelines and drainage systems, to heavy industrial chemical sites where safe operation is paramount.

Such work is undertaken where surfaces need preparing for painting and coating, as well as cleaning and blast cleaning for routine maintenance to remove rust, lime scale and unwanted deposits.


The nature of the high pressure water jetting subsequently allows for an environmentally friendly solution to cleaning and blasting some of the most stubborn deposits, while the chemical properties of cleaning with water reduces any environmental impact. When operating in environments where effluent discharge is of particular concern, due to the properties of the material being removed - our operatives are capable of managing the flow of waste water to be deposited safely.


Our all long-term members of the Water Jetting Association, while trained in surface preparation and cleaning, ultra-high pressure washing operation and abrasive blast cleaning.

The methods deployed by our staff enable for prepping and de-contaminating the most varied surfaces; with years of experience our jetting operatives are capable of working across other disciplines associated with scaffolding and access to combine an all-in-one service from NSG.

Our Water Jetting Association trained operators are experienced at decontaminating and cleaning throughout a wide range of industries.

Altrad NSG Limited also provides the followig Scaffolding associated services in and around the North West, as well as UK coverage: