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"This company's origins come from working in places like nuclear and petrochemical sites. Safety is our top priority, and we have brought that ethos into all our other sectors. I like to ensure we invest a lot of time and money in systems and training. It is a fundamental principle for me."

Micheal Carr - Managing Director

Scaffold and Rope Access


Market Leaders in Scaffolding Since 1971

  • Industry Experts Since 1971
  • Unrivalled Quality Control & Customer Service
  • Outstanding Health & Safety Track Records
  • Highly Motivated, Trained & Determined Staff
  • Advanced Scaffolding Systems
  • The Ability to Adapt to EVERY Client Need

Altrad NSG Limited has over 40 years of experience and knowledge of providing innovative and cost effective scaffold solutions accross the North West, UK and even internationally.

Altrad NSG Limited has over 40 years of experience and knowledge of providing innovative and cost effective scaffold solutions across the North West, UK and even internationally.

Utilising conventional tube and fitting, system scaffold or whichever may be required; we are committed to the provision of safe and cost effective access solutions across a large variety of market sectors. We also offer labour only and consultancy services.

In House Design

Altrad NSG Limited employ our own highly skilled and trained in-house scaffold design engineers to support the provision of scaffolding, to fully comply with all relevant standards and client requirements. We are confident that our track record of successful scaffold design engineering can provide solutions for the most complex of scaffolding requirements around the most unusual buildings, bridges, man-made and natural structures that would otherwise present difficulties when access is concerned.

At Altrad NSG Limited we have a variety of scaffold and access solutions, designed and engineered by trained, professional design engineers with years of experience; our scaffolding operations can vary in scale and complexity and often use a variety of scaffolding structures. Below are our most commonly required scaffolding practices:

System Contur Scaffold

Our advanced selection of System Contur Scaffold allows access for a variety of needs, into and around some of the most complex structures known to man.

From façade scaffolding, useful for light industrial work - rendering buildings, renovation, painting, fire protection coatings, masonry work and external thermal insulation. To Multi-directional Scaffolding suitable for both light and heavy industrial work, capable of withstanding heavy loads on a variety of industrial sites; petrochemical engineering, nuclear power plants, energy, oil refineries, asbestos removal sites, as well as large and complex buildings.

At Altrad NSG Limited, we are also able to provide Rolling Access Towers and Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS); capable of allowing for a variety of access solutions - particularly useful where confined space may be an issue.

Such access solutions are ideal for interior and exterior painting, access to lighting and air conditioning systems, cabling and general routine maintenance. Our platforms can deliver safe, quick and effective access to areas that could otherwise present access issues.

Tube & Fitting Scaffolding

While the vast majority of scaffolding work we carry out is now typically System Scaffold based - since beginning trading in 1971 we have developed decades of experience when scaffolding all sorts of buildings and structures with Tube and Fitting Scaffold; used more as the traditional standard this system still has a variety of very useful purposes for our jobs.

We like to make sure that Altrad NSG Limited are capable of erecting scaffold around all structures and as such, our operatives are trained and proficient in erecting scaffold from Tube and Fitting up to our latest System Scaffold.

Tube & Fitting - Chester, Cheshire, North West

Rope Access

We recognise that not all structures provide a suitable base to erect scaffolding around; as such our staff are professionally trained to be proficient in accessing some of the most difficult to access parts of buildings and structures, as well as the entire surface of spherical domes, curvaceous façades and the likes. This allows our operatives to complete engineering tasks on petrochemical vessels, blast, paint, clad and insulate surfaces that are most difficult to otherwise access.

Our rope access operatives are essential for reducing job cost, increasing productivity, and keeping ahead of timescales. Often the areas that would appear inaccessible are in fact possible to reach and work on with rope access solutions.

Rope Access Solutions NSG UK

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