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"This company's origins come from working in places like nuclear and petrochemical sites. Safety is our top priority, and we have brought that ethos into all our other sectors. I like to ensure we invest a lot of time and money in systems and training. It is a fundamental principle for me."

Micheal Carr - Managing Director

Thermal Insulation & Cladding


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The company provides a complete range of thermal insulation services including thermal, acoustic, fire protection and cryogenic insulation across a wide variety of market sectors and environment.

Thermal Insulation & Cladding

At Altrad NSG Limited we are able to provide our clients with a variety of Thermal Insulation solutions, including Thermal Insulation at all levels, Acoustic Insulation, Fire Protection Insulation as well as Cryogenic Insulation across a wide variety of market sectors and different working environments from light to heavy industrial.

When it comes to installation, our professionally trained Thermal Insulation Engineers have extensive experience of fabricating, installing and maintaining cold and hot temperature systems, sharing our commitment to quality and health and safety, as well as the environment we know our operatives are capable of providing the highest quality thermal insulation services across the North West, East and Nationally.


Below are the types of thermal insulation and cladding provided by Altrad NSG Limited:

Phenolic Foam Thermal Insulation

Such an adaptive method of thermal insulation in construction is invaluable, with properties that allow for moisture resistance, strength, fire protection, high thermal insulation capabilities and a low environmental footprint - phenolic foam insulation provided by Altrad NSG Limited really does provide a versatile and effective insulation system. Phenolic Foam is suitable across all sectors, from offices and warehouses to petrochemical engineering sites, nuclear plants, off-shore oil refineries and much, much more.

Glass Fibre & Mineral Wool Thermal Insulation

We can provide Glass Fibre & Mineral Wool to insulate and protect pipework, tubes and bends as well as flat surfaces. Such insulation makes for excellent thermal heat values and will also absorb sound very well.

Glass Fibre & Mineral Wool Thermal Insulation makes for effective fire protection; while not completely immune the structure and chemical properties of the product makes for a good solution where passive fire protection is required.

Rodents and the likes will avoid nesting in such environments, to finish the insulation off where it would be exposed we are capable of installing various finishes and cladding to complete the thermal insulation system in place.

Thermal Insulation Finishes

Our thermal insulation structures can be finished in H&V Bright Class 'O' - an aluminium foil face or a H&V White Class 'O' finished in a white aluminium foil face.

Thermal Insulation NSG Scaffolding North West


Where resistance to the elements, chemicals, solvents, oil, moisture and vermin is a priority, at Altrad NSG Limited we are able to provide our clients with Nilflam cladding to provide the above properties, while also acting as an excellent thermal insulator.

Our operatives are proficient in installing such thermal cladding and are capable of adapting the product to a wide variety of structures in the most extreme environments, from flat slabs to piping, vessels and various scales of storage tanks.

Given the environments in which most installations are processed, it is substantially beneficial that Nilflam is capable of retarding further flames spreading as it's outer surface reacts to form a strong carbonaceous layer preventing further penetration into the surface it is protecting, with operating temperatures from -180 to +140℃ the environments in which Nilflam can be used are vast. Typical installation can take place in marine, air, refrigeration, petrochemical engineering sites and on or off-shore oil refinery plants.


We recognise that certain constructions contain valuable, delicate or fragile contents, or in some cases they are normally quite sturdy and capable of withstanding general wear and tear. In either instance it may not always be appropriate to leave these surfaces un-protected, whether in industrial or non-industrial environments. Armaflex installations meet tough requirements where damage is a concern, we can provide a variety of types of Armaflex Thermal Cladding to suit many sectors of work, for more information on how we can protect your investment please do not hesitate to enquire.


Our thermal insulation services are capable of cladding with the relevant material to the job in hand, we can offer metal cladding for sites that require robust thermal insulation, Isogenopak Cladding and Polyisobutylene and Duct Wrap can also be applied depending on the specific requirements of the nature of the environment, and our clients needs.

Altrad NSG Limited supports our insulation services with the management of thermographic surveys, Asbestos registers and Asbestos Remedial Works.

Altrad NSG Limited also provides the followig Scaffolding associated services in and around the North West, as well as full UK coverage: