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Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality (SHEQ) Policy

Altrad NSG is part of the Altrad group, a global organisation providing industrial services including safe access solutions, thermal insulation and corrosion protection.

The Board of Directors recognises the importance of occupational health, safety, and protecting the environment in order to successfully deliver the objectives of its shareholders and the requirements of its customers, allowing for continued, sustainable growth and becoming the industrial service provider of choice.

This policy is a declaration of the board’s commitment to the Altrad Group’s core value of Beyond Zero, and to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all the company’s operations for the prevention of work related injury and ill health. Also to ensure that within the control of the company the environment is protected, including minimising the environmental impacts created to as low as reasonably practicable and that all compliance obligations are fulfilled.

The policy will be implemented by:

  • Carrying out operations that as a minimum will comply with all relevant statutory provisions and other appropriate standards. Where client or industry provisions apply all work will comply with such requirements.
  • The setting of occupational health and safety, environmental and quality objectives that will allow the organization to meet its strategic aims.
  • Managers and Supervisors at all levels within the company who will provide visible leadership that promotes the knowledge, understanding and implementation of the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Utilising risk assessments to develop and implement safe systems of work and practices to reduce the likelihood of accidents, incidents, cases of occupational ill health or environmental harm.
  • Promoting employees responsibilities to work safely and identify any unsafe working situations. In the event of a unsafe situation work will cease until the situation has been investigated and remedied where necessary
  • Ensuring that employees are trained, competent and have the appropriate resources to undertake their work safely and that clear performance standards are in place
  • Actively engaging, involving and communicating with employees and were applicable their representatives to improve the company’s performance.
  • Having robust auditing arrangements in place that assist in improving performance.
  • Ensuring that sufficient resources are provided to achieve compliance with this policy.
  • Endeavouring to ensure our suppliers and subcontractors operate in line with this policy and relevant statutory provisions

The Board of Directors will monitor measure and review all arrangements against set objectives to ensure they remain effective to achieve standards which exceed those necessary to meet legal requirements.

Altrad NSG is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the IMS to ensure that the standards of its operations and management meet the needs of the company and its customers.

Responsibility for the management of the Integrated Management System lies with the Directors and Managers. Compliance with the standards detailed within the IMS is deemed to be of equal importance with the achievement of commercial targets.